Friends of St Paulinus

The Association of the Friends of St Paulinus Church was formed in 1966 by business people and local residents who were not necessarily regular church members, but had a desire to be associated with, and to help to preserve our ancient and beautiful Norman church.

An Annual General meeting is held each year as near as possible to St Paulinus Day (10th October) when the accounts are presented, together with a record of the work done, and the committee is elected.

How the @Friends have helped the church:

  • Restoration of the medieval Font.
  • Restoration of the Draper memorial.
  • Continuing maintenance of the Church clock and its winding mechanism.
  • Repair of the church ceilings.
  • Repair of the churchyard paths.
  • Restoration of the Triptych.
  • Repairs to the Nave ceiling.
  • Conservation work on the Shovell memorials.
  • Contribution to the new heating system.
  • Contribution to the new Tower lighting.
  • Contribution to the tenor bell repair.

The funds are raised by various activities throughout the year such as quiz nights, performances and coffee mornings.

To become a member please pick up a leaflet in church.  The fees are:

  • Individual membership £5
  • Life membership £30
  • Joint life membership £50

Registered charity 286210

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