Craft Club


Please join us on the last Tuesday of the month at 1.30pm in the Youth Hall.

A small group of people with a different craft each month.  Tea, coffee, craft and a chat.


Here are some fantastic February creations:

And for Holy week:

January’s creations – peg craft, plant/teapot stands and crosses:


Here are some previous creations:

Handmade Altar display for Harvest:


We are hoping to make bookmarks for the leavers in y6 in time for their service on 11th July.  There is a heart and cross pattern.

Cross bookmark pattern

Please find below a pattern and picture if you would like to join in.

Bookmark pattern

Spring flowers

Another craft to keep you going…how about a bunch of spring flowers:

Pom Pom Flowers Craft Instructions

Lent Craft

Instructions: Lent Craft instruction 2021

Crafting for Valentines day to put on our church gate and railings:

Pictures from our busy crafters:


Knitted heart craft


Welcome to craft club.

A new club started on a Tuesday afternoon on a fortnightly basis at 1.30pm.

It is based in church and people can bring their own crafts, or work on work for the day.  Joined with a cup of tea or coffee and a chat for all to enjoy.

This was started just before the lockdown, so one of the team Margery, has come up with a craft to do at home.

The templates have been uploaded to this page and if you would like a hard copy then please contact the parish office and they will happily send it to you.


More Christmas crafts for you:

Angel craft


Remembrance Day Poppy

For all those who wish to create their own poppy for Remembrance Day:


Poppy Craft instructions


The next craft project: 

Christmas Card

Christmas Card Template


Why not trying making a twiddlemitt.  These are knitted or crochet’s mitts that help people with dementia.  The include fabrics, and buttons inside and out for people to use.

If you would like some instructions of where to start give the church office a ring and they will print them off for you.

Thank you to all of those who have been knitting these during lockdown.


Let us spread the good news that Jesus loves everyone by decorating the number 50 with zentangle patterns.
Why 50?
Pentecost was 50 days after the Passover. The apostles were celebrating the Jewish harvest festival when the Holy Spirit descended on them like a strong wind
 They found they could speak in foreign languages and thus they realised they could spread the good news to everyone that God loves us all.
This 50 will remind us that we too must spread the good news of the love of Jesus by actions and words.
The 50 you decorate will be cut out, along with everyone else’s, will be used to decorate the notice board. Hopefully, passers by will stop and look and read and realise that they are loved.
There are samples of patterns for you to try or you may use your own.
Please hand the finished items in by the 29 th May so we can decorate the boards by the 31st May. This is not just for the craft group. Do have a go,as the more who respond, the bigger the message on the notice board.

Craft 50

Time for tea….

Inside card

Card template

Finished Card

Craft Club vases: 25th January 2022