Pilgrim Group – will start tomorrow evening Tuesday 30th January 2024  please contact Fr Paul or Fr James if you wish to attend.


Once a year St Paulinus offers a group for enquirers and new Christians who want to learn more about the Christian faith.

The group is from:

  • Those who have recently started coming to Church
  • Those who want the chance to think about Christian faith.
  • Those preparing for baptism or confirmation
  • Those who have been Christians for many years and want to visit the roots of their faith again.

This year the Pilgrim group will be led by Fr Paul Prentice and the Lay ministry team.  For more information please contact the number or email below or speak to us after Church.

Number: 01322 529331/07932081703


Please pass on news about the group to anyone you know who may be interested.  Thank you.