Sunday School


Faith Finders

Faith Finders is the new name for St Paulinus Sunday school. We meet in the hall from 9.45am during School Term time and on the last weekend of each holiday period. Explorers

Explorers is the 4- 7 age group and this term will be taught by Ros Cooper and Chris Wilkinson and they will be reading bible stories, doing crafts and playing games and, later in the year, preparing for the nativity. Adventurers

Adventurers is the group for children in years 3 and 4 (7 to 9 years) and this term will be taught by Carol Demuth and they will be doing fun crafts, activities, games and dramas around bible stories. Later in the term they will be practising roles for the nativity. Detectives

Detectives is the group for children in year 5 and up (9 + years) and this term will be taught by Richard Cooper. This term the detectives will be investigating ‘The Real Meaning of Christmas’ using drama, music, challenges and interviews.  The final task will be to create a short film on our findings. Starting from 14th September.

For more information, or to volunteer to help, please contact:

Chris Wilkinson or Ros Cooper on 07984409393