Sunday School News

Welcome to the new page of the Sunday school news.

Sunday school re-opens on Jan 7th 2018.  It is being led by a team of 4: Carol Demuth, Tackela Olugbuyi, Chiazo

Ezenwa, and Mary Oguike.  We look forward to seeing you all in the new year.


Nativity 2016


Remembrance Sunday 2016


New pictures of last week’s activities as we were learning about Moses.

Moses 1   Moses 2   Moses

The children showing the congregation their work

Moses 4   Moses 3


Here is a gallery of some of the activities we have been up to, including Joseph’s colourful coat and Noah’s ark.

20160522_105741  20160522_10573620160417_103456-1  Joseph and his coat, with the children designing their own one.

20160417_115833 20160522_105820 Noah’s packed ark and colourful rainbow.

20160522_105816 20160221_104143


The kids in action, play doh, craft, Easter egg hunt and carrying the cross.

20160124_103203 20160326_103357  20160221_104116 Arts and Crafts at Sunday School.

20160124_103344 20160417_103350 20160417_103609

20160326_10545320160326_115136 Easter activities including an Easter egg hunt and carrying the cross.
20160326_122526 Group games

god-loves-everyone God Loves everyone…happy face biscuits, posters and plates.