Prayers for all

Prayers for all

Please find below the letter from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and a link the the Prayer for the Nation

Prayer for the nation | The Church of England

20210126 Letter to the nation.pdf (

This week’s prayer:

Prayer for the Nation – Monday – YouTube

With the continuation of the lockdown, prayers for all are so important.  Spiritual reflection, prayers for those in our local community and the wider one, the deanery, the diocese and the world around us.

This week’s weekly reflection:

#LiveLent – Ash Wednesday: Bishop Simon Burton-Jones – YouTube

Please find below a booklet from the Church of England to help with our continuing prayers throughout the covid pandemic.

Prayer Book Digital 2 April_0

A Prayer from Fr Paul:

A Prayer for our time

Heavenly Father,

We pray for healing and reconciliation

within our communities at this time.

We pray for an end to where persecution 

and marginalisation occurs to anyone

regardless of their ethnicity, sexuality or gender.

Help us to acknowledge that we are all your children,

and we all have a duty to strive to love each other 

as you love us.



Message from Revd Amanda:

There was to be prayer walk planned prior to lock down.  In light of recent events, this has had to be rethought.   There is a booklet that can be used to walk around the Crayford for prayer at key points and a prayer map that can be used at home.  They are both available on Prayers for All on the St Paulinus website, see below.  It would be lovely if you could write any prayers for our community to display in our church board.  For further information please see the website or contact Rev Amanda on 01322 310657 /

prayer booklet v3

Prayer walk map v3

Reflections from Archdeacon Andy Wooding-Jones:

Reflections: Archdeacon Andy Wooding-Jones – First Sunday of Advent – YouTube


Lord help us to believe that we are all ordinary people made extraordinary through your vision and your power.

Take our insecurities and feelings of inadequacy, and give us the courage to see ourselves and others as you see us, with gifts and potential to transform your world and build your Kingdom.