Daily Prayers

There is no Wednesday morning prayer for 15th July.


Revd Amanda will be doing morning prayer every Wednesday and the link will be displayed below:


Pilgrim Group – This new group has now started on Zoom.  Please continue to keep this group in your prayers over the coming weeks and thank you all your prayers so far. For further information contact Rev Amanda tel. 310657 / curate@stpaulinus.co.uk

Please find below the Diocesan prayers for June.

Praying the Way

June 2020

 “May God in his mercy lead us through these times,

but above all may he lead us to himself”  Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“Pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”

I Thessalonians 5:17-18


The prayers below are a guide only.  Please don’t feel bound by the days of the month since situations are fluid and change from day to day.  Allotting prayers to days just means that we get to pray for everything at some time during the month


Monday 1st      Today it is planned that many children will return to school.  Pray that they will keep safe, feel secure, and adapt to new arrangements.  Pray also for teaching staff

                  Lord, I pray for … children known to me

                  Lord, I pray for … teaching staff known to me

We pray for lasting fruit from Thy Kingdom Come.  We continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will fall upon our country and upon the world

Tuesday 2nd      We give thanks that pupils and students have been able to study remotely during the lockdown.  We pray that the life chances of students who have been unable to take exams will not be affected

                  Lord, I pray for … pupils and students

Wednesday 3rd    e give thanks for the work of frontline NHS workers and for those working in care homes.  We pray that PPE will be available to all.  We remember those, and their families, who have sacrificed their lives to save others

                  Lord, I pray for … who work in the NHS and for staff in … care homes

                  We give thanks for Fr Paul of St Martin Barnehurst in Erith Deanery, working for the NHS, and we pray for him

                  Lord, I give thanks for … who have died in the course of duty and pray for their families

Thursday 4th      We give thanks for volunteers who are reaching out to the elderly and those in isolation.  We pray that through this crisis the sense of community which has been lost over the years will be restored.

                  Lord, I thank you and pray for …

Friday 5th           We give thanks for all key workers who are helping keep the country supplied with food, medicine, water, energy, and means of transport; for teaching staff keeping schools open for children of key workers and vulnerable children; for the police and emergency workers; for doctors’ and vets surgeries

                  Lord, I thank you and pray for …

Saturday 6th      We pray for those struggling physically, spiritually and emotionally from being locked down, especially those suffering from anxiety

                  Lord, I pray for …

Sunday 7th            Trinity Sunday

We give thanks that God has revealed himself as three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  May we worship all three as God

We give thanks that through Zoom, Facebook and YouTube the church is able to stream services so that the Word of God is proclaimed in people’s homes

                  Lord, I thank you for my church and … who are keeping me fed spiritually

                  We give thanks for the blessing of live-streamed services from St Justus in the Rochester Diocese and from Christ Church Bexleyheath in Erith Deanery

We give thanks that Covid 19 has caused us to discover new ways of worshipping together.  We pray that these new ideas will stay with us and enhance our Christian lives

                  We give thanks for original ways of bringing services to congregations, including The Revd John Tranter of St Martin Chelsfield in Orpington Deanery bringing the Good Friday service from his garden

 Monday 8th       We pray for protection for those in abusive relationships while in lockdown, and we pray that they will know where to turn for help

                  Lord, I pray for …

Tuesday 9th       We pray for our pastoral teams and others who are maintaining contact with lonely people in our parishes.  We pray for clergy and lay ministers as they seek to serve God in this time of isolation.  We pray that youth leaders will be able to support their groups

                  Lord, I thank you for our clergy, lay ministers, youth leaders and pastoral team in … and pray for them

                  We pray for Evergreen Care in Erith Deanery as they continue to support the elderly and vulnerable

                  We give thanks for The Revd John Tranter of St Martin Chelsfield in Orpington Deanery, who spends much time on the phone just “seeing how people are”

Wednesday 10th             We pray for those suffering from Covid 19, for those in hospital isolated from their families, for those at home anxious for their loved ones, for God’s healing touch, and for those at home self-isolating.  We give thanks for those who have recovered

                  Lord, I pray for … and give thanks that … have recovered

                  We give thanks for those in the congregation of St John Sidcup in Sidcup Deanery who have recovered from Covid 19 and for the healthy babies newly born within our church family

Thursday 11th    We pray for those who have lost loved ones to Covid or other illnesses, who may not have been able to say goodbye and are struggling in their grief.  We pray that God will be close to them and give them peace and comfort.  We pray for clergy taking funerals at this time

                  Lord, I pray for … people known to me

                  We pray for those in St John Sidcup in Sidcup Deanery who have suffered the loss of loved ones

                  We pray for those who have been and will be buried in the churchyard of St Paulinus Crayford in Erith Deanery and for their families and friends

Friday 12th         We pray that antigen and antibody testing will show the extent of Covid 19 in our population, and that the process of test, trace and isolate will help slow the disease

Saturday 13th    We thank God that he has promised never to leave us or forsake us.  We pray that we will place our concerns in God’s hands and trust him for the future

                  Lord, I thank you for keeping me safe in … situations

                  Lord, I want to trust you for …


“History belongs to the intercessors, who believe the future into being.  Even a small number of people … can decisively effect the shape the future takes.  These shapers of the future are the intercessors” Walter Wink

We in our 70’s remember praying for underground Christians in the Soviet bloc and for the breakup of Communism; the end of apartheid; the fall of the Berlin wall; and many things that have since become reality.  So we have confidence that as we pray now, that God will answer in his time

Sunday 14th         Corpus Christi

We give thanks for the institution of the Eucharist and for Jesus’ sacramental presence at the altar, especially now that we are physically unable to take Holy Communion

We give thanks that people who don’t attend church are watching church services at this time.  We pray that many will come to know the Good News of the gospel.  We pray for boldness to proclaim our faith to unbelievers

                  Lord, I pray for … to come to faith

                  Lord, I pray for opportunities to share the love of Jesus with … and …

Monday 15th      About this time the UK government and the EU plan to agree whether or not to extend the transition period of our membership beyond the end of the year.  Pray for wise decisions

Tuesday 16th     We pray that our government and scientific advisors will be guided by God’s wisdom as they seek to work out exit plans from the lockdown.  We pray for consensus between government and people.  We pray against those who flout regulations

Wednesday 17th             We pray for scientists as they seek to find treatment for Covid 19 and a vaccine to prevent it.  We pray that God will direct their research

Thursday 18th   We give thanks for the techy people in our churches who are helping people keep in touch

                  Lord, I thank you for … in my church who are using their technological gifts to help us

Friday 19th         As spring turns to summer, we give thanks for the summer weather and the opportunity to get out and enjoy nature and engage in sports

                  Lord, I thank you for fresh air and the beauty of … in my locality

As we see the blue skies and breathe the cleaner air, we pray that after the lockdown governments will pursue policies that lead to a greener world

Saturday 20th    Today the Diocesan Fellowship of Pray-ers should have had our Quiet Day.  We pray that on this day God will meet us in special ways.  We commit to him our Quiet Day on Saturday 5th June 2021 and we pray for our speakers, Archdeacon Andy and Margaret Wooding-Jones.  We pray for all those who would have gone on pilgrimage this summer, especially Walsingham pilgrims

Sunday 21st         Trinity 2

We pray for other countries as they seek to fight Covid 19, especially where there is poverty, overcrowding and lack of medical facilities.  We pray for those in refugee and displaced persons’ camps

                  Lord, I pray for … countries that you have laid on my heart

Monday 22nd     We pray that in areas of the world where there is conflict, warring parties will join together against Covid 19

                  Lord, I pray for … areas that you have laid on my heart

                  We pray for a resolution of the conflict in Hong Kong

Tuesday 23rd    We pray for hospitals and care homes in our Diocese, especially residents of care homes who have dementia and are unable to see their families.  We pray for the ministry of Anna Chaplains and Friends

                  Lord, I pray for … hospitals and … care homes in my area and for those seeking to help vulnerable people

Wednesday 24th            We pray that patients being admitted to hospital for non-Covid 19 issues will have their fears of catching the virus allayed.  We pray for good outcomes

                  Lord, I pray for … planning to go to hospital, in hospital, or at home after treatment

Thursday 25th  We pray for charities who are struggling with their finances, especially those who rely on summer events and door-to-door collections.  We pray that people will be able to give so that vital work can continue

                  Lord, I pray for … charities

Friday 26th         We pray for companies who face going out of business or who have already done so.  We pray that employees now furloughed will be supported after the government’s furlough scheme ends

                  Lord, I pray for … companies known to me and for … employees

Saturday 27th    We pray that God will help our nation and the world out of the present financial situation.  We pray that our country and other countries will move out of recession

              Lord, only you can help us, and we plead with you to save us

Sunday 28th        SS Peter & Paul

We pray for parishes in interregnum including:

All Saints Crockenhill in Dartford Deanery, St Bartholomew Otford in Shoreham Deanery, St Botolph Chevening in Sevenoaks Deanery and St Nicholas Chislehurst in Bromley Deanery

We give thanks that The Revd Mark Bridgen has been appointed Rector of the Sevenoaks Team Ministry: St Luke Sevenoaks, St Mary Kippington and St Mary Riverhead and Dunton Green

We pray for Mark and his family as they prepare to move and start their ministry this summer and for The Revd Anne Bourne, Associate Rector for the Team in the meantime

We pray for all clergy taking up new posts, including Gordon MacBean, who moves to St John Welling in Erith Deanery next month

Monday 29th     We pray for our link Dioceses in Tanzania and Zimbabwe as they cope with Covid 19.  We pray that God will provide for their needs

                  Lord, I pray for … known to me in our link Dioceses

Tuesday 30th    We give thanks for Foodbanks in our Diocese and for their amazing work in feeding those in need

              We give thanks for the Foodbank in Orpington in the Orpington Deanery and for Swanley Food Bank in the Dartford Deanery


“When we engage in intercessory prayer, we help God rule the world” August Tholuck