Daily Prayers

Our services for the week:

Monday – 9-11am Quiet Prayer

Wednesday – 9.30am Mass

Friday – 9.15am Mass

Sunday – 8am Low Mass 

                 10am Parish Mass (bookable)


Morning prayer by Revd Amanda week beginning 14th June:


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Weekly reflection:

Parish Prayers

We pray for Darent Valley and all our parish NHS services.  We pray for them at this time of very heavy and increasing burden that the Covid-19 virus is putting on them.  May they receive strength, courage and calm.  And we pray that the community are moved to support them.

We pray also for the chaplaincy team working under such hard and difficult circumstances.  We give thanks for their ministry and comfort for those who suffer, especially their care at end of life.

We pray for Churches together in Crayford and for their coming together in prayer and worship.  We lift the service of Christian Unity 24/01/21 and pray that all work together for your praise and glory.

We pray for Bexley Winter Shelter and give thanks for the grant that they have received to continue their vital work with the homeless. We pray that their work continues and that the love of God is known by all that they come into contact will.  

We pray for all who have had funerals through St Paulinus and throughout the Deanery.  May those that mourn know God’s comforting presence with them.  We also pray for all those who visit the church yard. We give thanks for the kindness of the local Crematorium and Funeral Director teams.  And we pray that they stay safe and uplifted.

We pray for all those whom we have lost recently, loved ones of family, friends and congregation.  We pray for their rest now with you, trusting in Your promise of eternal life.

We pray for all the local school, St Paulinus, Haberdashers, Mayplace, Shenstone and Endevour.  Pray that your hand be upon all the staff, children and their families at this difficult time.