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Monday – 9.15 – 11.15am Individual prayer

Wednesday – 9.30am Mass

Friday – 9.15am Mass

Sunday – 8am Mass

                 10am Mass (this service is bookable with the church office)


Tuesday morning prayer by Revd Amanda:

Weekly reflection:

Reflections: Bishop Simon Burton-Jones – Sunday 6 December – YouTube


Printable versions of Praying the Way for July & August 2020

Praying the Way for July 2020

Praying The Way for August 2020

Praying The Way for August 2020

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another”  (1 John 1:7)

Continue to pray for our Bishops James and Simon, Archdeacons Paul, Julie and Andy that they may have times of rest and relaxation during this month.

1st   We give thanks for Marcus Rashford’s persistence in getting meal vouchers to continue for school children during the school holidays.

Sunday, 2nd  Pray for all  worship in churches today and any services still  online;  that God will bless each one richly.

3rd  Pray for all clergy and other church workers whose work has been so challenging these last few months that they will get adequate time for holiday, refreshment and relaxation.

4th For Cobham Deanery, for the Area Dean, Canon Alyson Davie,  all clergy and lay ministers that they may know peace, ease and fullness of life and God’s rich blessings.

5th We give thanks for all key workers who have helped keep us supplied with food, medicine, water, energy, and means of transport, for police, refuse collectors and emergency workers during the lockdown and still continue to do so.   Pray that they may have some relaxation this month.

6th  Please pray for all in the hospitality industry, all pubs, hotels, cafes and restaurants as they work on how to observe all safety rules when they are able to open.

7th  For Dartford Deanery, for the Area Dean,  The Rev. Richard Mortimer, all clergy, lay ministers and youth workers, for times of relaxation and refreshment during this month.

8th Give thanks for Christ Church, Dartford, and all churches with multicultural and very mixed age group congregations and pray for God’s protection and unity during this time of ongoing and increased risk due to the coronavirus and racial tensions.  Pray too for Christ Church’s youth worker, keeping in touch with young people during this different time.

Sunday,9th  Pray that ‘The Lantern of Kent’ will be able to open its doors again soon.

10th  For all those struggling physically and emotionally as a result of being isolated, particularly those with a history of depression, that we may look out for them and they may get the professional help they need.

11th For Gillingham Deanery, for the Area Dean, all clergy, lay ministers and youth workers, that they may know peace and refreshment and God’s blessings during this month.

12th  We pray for all shopkeepers and staff who have recently gone back to work;  help them to keep on top of all the safety guidelines and give patience and grace when they have to redirect and curb shoppers in their enthusiasm at being back shopping.

13th  We pray for all who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus, that they may be financially supported and helped to find new employment.

 14th  For the Chancellor of the Exchequer for wisdom, generosity and understanding as he works on the Autumn Budget, that he may work towards greater economic equality around our country.

15th  For all who cannot go away on holiday that they may be able to have times of relaxation and fun at home and resist the temptation to catch up on work all the time.

Sunday 16th For Gravesend Deanery, for the Area Dean, Canon Nigel Bourne, all clergy and lay ministers, and for churches without incumbents at present, for God’s richest blessings on them.

Monday 17th We give thanks that members of Huggens College have stayed well and for all who have supplied them with what was needed.

 St. Nicholas Sevenoaks would value prayer for their  Centrepoint Houseparty for 15-18 year olds from 16th-23rd August being held virtually.

18th  As many of us have drawn closer to the natural world around us during the last few months, we thank you, Lord our Creator, for the beauty that we find in your world;  birds, flowers, insects.  Help us to heed all we have learnt and be good stewards of your creation in preserving it in our daily lives, working to deal with climate change overall.

19th Give thanks for the brighter days we have enjoyed during lockdown to lift our spirits.

20th For all Foodbanks in the diocese, remembering the ones in our own locality, that there might be sufficient donations for all who need them, especially during the school holidays.

21st  Rochester Deanery, for our Area Dean, all clergy and lay ministers, remembering churches without an incumbent at present, that they may know God’s peace and rich blessings.

22nd Pray for God’s protection and pray against a resurgence of Covid 19, that we may all observe safety guidelines.

Sunday 23rd Malling Deanery, for our Area Dean, all clergy and lay ministers and those churches without an incumbent at present, that all may know God’s peace, fullness of life and rich blessings

24th  Pray for our link dioceses in Tanzania and Zimbabwe that God will provide for their needs.

25th Paddock Wood Deanery, for the Area Dean, Canon Andrew Axon, all clergy and lay ministers, for peace, fullness of life and God’s rich blessings.   For Hospice in the Weald and all hospice and hospital chaplains.

26th For all persecuted for their faith, give them a strong sense of your presence with them, strengthening and sustaining them.  For all agencies, such Christian Solidarity Worldwide and Barnabus Fund working to support them.

27th Sevenoaks Deanery, for the Area Dean, Michael Gentry, all clergy and lay ministers, for peace, fullness of life and God’s rich blessings. 

For newly-formed West Sevenoaks Team Ministry:  St. Luke Sevenoaks, St. Mary Kippington and St. Mary Riverhead and Dunton Green, and for the Rev. Mark Bridgen, who has been appointed Rector, and for the Rev. Anne Bourne, Interim Associate Rector. Please pray for Mark Bridgen and his family as they prepare to start their ministry here this summer, and for Anne.

For John Khnana and Hannah Blake taking over the leadership of Grace Church and 4 o’clock Church, Sevenoaks.

28th Shoreham Deanery, for our Area Dean, the Rev. Tim Hatwell, all clergy and lay ministers and churches without an incumbent at present, that God will bless them all richly. 

29th Please remember all the children with whom we are in touch, especially during the school holidays, help us to get to know them better and show them God’s love and friendship.

Sunday 30th  Tonbridge Deanery for the Rev. Miriam Barker, Area Dean, all clergy and lay ministers, that the Holy Spirit will fill and sustain them each day.

We give thanks for the easing of restrictions and pray that the virus will continue to decline.  Pray for integrity and wisdom for all Government ministers that they may be guided by God.

31st Tunbridge Wells Deanery, for our Area Dean, all clergy and lay ministers for rest and refreshment on this Bank Holiday and for God’s richest blessings on all their ministry.

Prayer topics for September should be with Lorna Kahan at lorna.kahan@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 01322 271657 by 10th August please.