Church Attendance Card

For those members of our congregation who wish their children to attend St Paulinus Church of England Primary School, please pick up a church attendance card from the Parish Office at 8a Iron Mill Lane, Crayford Kent.

This card is for clergy use only when completing school supplementary forms.

Please see below a list of the attendance guidelines:

Attendance Guidelines

  • The card must be stamped by a member of the Clergy or Churchwarden only.
  • Cards will be stamped in the hall after service by the clergy (Sunday services, Wednesday 9.30 am service & Friday 9.15 am ). Cards will be stamped after the service for all other Mass services.
  • Collection of the card from the church office only.
  • If card is lost then a new one must be collected and started again.
  • If the card is forgotten that week then there will be no signature or stamping the following week.
  • New cards issued from the office each January.
  • Cards to be presented to Fr Paulfor a clerical reference – Please take these to the Parish Office.
  • Please ensure that you are on time for the start of the service or your card will not be stamped.