Bexley Interfaith Forum

There is a new project being designed at great speed in conjunction with the Communities Department at Bexley Council, by Bexley Interfaith Forum, a network of representatives from different faith groups and denominations in Bexley.

Churches, which by far represent the most people of faith in Bexley, are being invited to be a part of this (and I imagine there may be others who might want to be a part of this project who are not part of a faith group, in a similar way to some of the people who have contributed to the Bexley Winter Shelter teams). PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ZOOM MEETING IS TOMORROW THURSDAY. Trevor says that he can arrange a further meeting if it is needed, I’ll forward to him any replies I receive.  Kate Foot, TBB


This is the invitation from Rev Trevor Wyatt (Christ Church, Bexleyheath) who chairs the Bexley Interfaith Forum.


“I trust you are all keeping well and safe in these most challenging of times.


I am inviting you all to join me for a zoom meeting to discuss a ‘hot food’ project that the Bexley Interfaith Forum (BIF) is seeking to initiate. 


We have worked up a proposal jointly with Bexley Council as to how this project would be implemented and we are holding this zoom meeting to ascertain what level of support there would be across all faith communities to take it forwards and to see if we could make it happen.  I will explain on the zoom how the council and ourselves envisage this project would be implemented.


You are welcome to forward this email and the zoom details to anyone who think would be interested in helping with this project.


Zoom details are:-


Dial in for those who cannot access zoom via the internet: 0203 051 2874.