Baptism Visitors

Baptism Visitors

After your Baptism Preparation meeting at the Church you will receive a visit from one of our Baptism visitors.  The purpose of this visit is to go through the Baptism service and answer questions so that you feel comfortable with how the service will run.

One of our visitors will call you during the week before your family’s Baptism; this will allow us to arrange a mutually convenient visit to your home.

The Baptism visitor will talk through the service, using a copy of the service sheet. This will give you an understanding of what you will need to say and where to stand/sit during the service.

The visitor will also be able to answer practical questions such as what to wear, where to park, are there toilets, how long is the service and will it be okay if my baby cries.

If after the visit you think of another question, we will be more than happy for you to call one of us, so we can help with your query.

The Baptism Visitors aim is to ensure that the family and child being Baptised enjoy the service including the visit, giving them a positive, friendly image of the Church Family.