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Re-imagining Ministry with Older People –  23 September 2020 / 5pm – 6:30pm Book here
A joint event with Rochester and Canterbury Dioceses, exploring the spiritual challenges and opportunities that come with growing older. Learn about the initiatives we’re using to develop our ministry to older people.

Anna  Chaplaincy – Unfortunately, Anna Chaplaincy Lead and Dementia Specialist from the diocese, was going to come and speak to us one Sunday, but was unable to due to lock down.  Fortunately, there is to be a Webinar from 5.00 – 6.30 on 23 September on Re-Imagining Ministry with Older People.  As well as sessions on Anna Chaplaincy, there will be contributions from Linking Lives on their new telephone befriending service called Two’s Company, and Adrian Bawtree talking about singing with older people.  It would be lovely if you were able to join the session, this is such vital ministry within our church.  Please contact Kelly 01322 557532 / for booking details and further information.

Please watch the link regarding ministry to older people.

Bexley Winter Shelter

Bexley Winter Shelter – anything resembling the night shelter arrangements over the past four years is not an option, unless with accommodation with separate rooms and washing facilities.  There may be some form of drop-in centre during the day to give support where possible.  They are praying how they may serve Him and the homeless this coming winter and investigating the Hope into Action model of providing a home for the homeless (see 

They are requesting any advice, guidance, or professional input and any knowledge of vacant buildings, houses or even rooms that could be potentially able to provide shelter and for prayer.  If you would like to be part of an ongoing BWS prayer team please let them know (  Full information below.

BWS 2021

Make someone’s day with a letter or card

As part of the #Let’sTalkLoneliness campaign, which launched a year ago, the Minister of Loneliness is encouraging us to write to those who might benefit from a letter.  That could be many people at this time of Covid 19, including those who are isolating through health, age or pregnancy.  It could also support those who live by themselves and struggling with being unable to see friends and family, or any who may value a letter at this time.   Hopefully we will be connecting with many of our congregation. 

Writing letters is good way of making sure our friends, family and neighbours know we’re thinking about them.


O God of Compassion,

may each of us

in our desert

detect a sign of your presence.

With you,

may each of us be

for our brothers and sisters

a travelling companion

in the fellowship of the Father

Son and the Spirit.


Please use these card template if you wish:

Thinking of you card

Tackling Loneliness card

Diamond Jubilee Café

This is a social club for the more mature in our community, offering reminiscence therapy through music, chat, tea and cake in normal times.

The Diamond Jubilee Club (or DJ Club) has been able to re-invent itself for the current lockdown.

 The DJ Club goes ‘live’ every Thursday afternoon between 3 and 4 pm.

Del and Carol Bearfoot perform songs of the 50’s,60’s,70’s and beyond with reminiscence which, if you are able to access their program by Facebook, can be interactive.

 Del and Carol are delighted to include birthday greetings and requests. Their program is mainly secular but usually finishes with a spiritual thought, hymn and blessing/prayer.

This program is ideal for people in residential homes or those who enjoy nostalgic music. There are opportunities to dance and also to singalong.

 The link to facebook is

This link will take you onto their church site—you will see a keyboard and then just scroll down to see the live stream.

The club can also be accessed via the internet, more complicated but you can get full instructions sent to you via email.

 For more info please phone 07814 418042.

The program will remain in place until larger gatherings are permitted.


New Memory Cafe

If anyone in your fellowship, group or church is living with dementia,

you are welcome to invite them to this new Memory Cafe.

 Christchurch Erith Memory Cafe

For those living with dementia and their carers

To offer friendship and support


Meetings will take place over Zoom in the current situation

Thursdays 10.45-11.45am


Anyone wishing to join can email for an invitation using the address below.



Re-Instate ( began in 1966 by the then vicar of St John’s, Erith in West Street, Rev Basil Huett.

Rev Huett recognised that a number of his parishioners struggled with long-term mental health issues.

To support their recovery, he set up a project called Re-Instate, offering work experience within a friendly and supportive environment.

 Re-Instate was re-invented for a new generation in 2012, and is still a community-church partnership with St John’s, Erith.


One of Re-instate’s projects is the W-rap Project (

W-rap™ stands for Well-being, Recovery, Activity Parcels. NORMAL TIME

Re-Instate is a charity working to improve employment opportunities, quality of life and well-being for disadvantaged people in the London Borough of Bexley including people experiencing mental ill-health, people with learning disabilities and young people.

A key part of the vision for Re-Instate is the provision of employment services that build sustainable recovery for people experiencing mental ill-health.

W-rap™ parcels provide items associated with The New Economics Foundations’ Five Ways to Well-being (Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give) to encourage people to incorporate these five actions into their lives. You can learn more here. THE PANDEMIC

The W-rap™ project has continued to work hard, supplying packs to lots of disadvantaged people across Bexley, Greenwich and Lewisham boroughs. In May, this has included 100 activity packs delivered to Oxleas Home Treatment Team in Greenwich, helping to support the mental health and well-being of their service users,  66 boxes to Heathfield Care Home in Northumberland Heath, boxes to support St John’s Church (Erith) stay-at-home congregation during lockdown, Evergreen Care and their Elderberries and Isolation Bexley. We are currently preparing 50 mixed boxes for Carer’s Support for the start of June.


Given the present state of affairs in relation to COVID-19 and social isolation, we are adapting our packages and would like to offer them to older people within Bexley Borough, and different categories of people isolated in their homes at the moment, including parents continuing to home school their children and young people. The packages are geared towards maintaining and improving people’s mental health and well-being within Bexley, and link into the New Economics Foundation’s five ways to well-being above. We cover the whole spectrum from younger – older people; working on incorporating young people’s involvement in the project and specifically targeting older people in Bexley.

 I will be interested in hearing from any group who feel that W-rap could help. Please E-mail me: Margaret or phone me on 01322 438155 if these packs would be helpful to support the mental well-being of your service users as an organisation, or as an individual.

 See here for other projects run by Re-Instate John’s Church Community Hall
194 West Street, Erith DA8 1AN

Belvedere Community Centre
Mitchell Close, Belvedere DA17 6AA



For those who have money worries during this time, please check out the document below that gives some advice to us all:

2020-05-22 – cesa money worries_2


As well as the charities listed below, people are seeking help and a safe haven during this time.

Please checkout the link below offering help for those that need this.



Operating from St Augustine’s Church Hall, Slade Green

It is being operated by Howbury Friends, a charity in Slade Green. They hire the hall each week and prior to lockdown were offering after school clubs, elderly clubs and a low key foodbank.  After lockdown they decided, with the approval of the PCC to operate a full scale foodbank.
They are now providing food to support over 1,000 people each week. It is open Monday to Friday from 10 am till 6.30 pm. No vouchers are needed and no questions are asked. Deliveries take place for those who are socially distancing.  I personally have delivered parcels to Plumstead, Thamesmead, Belvedere, Erith, Bexleyheath, Crayford and Slade Green.
If you know of anyone who could benefit from the foodbank please let them know about it. They can visit in person. The hall is behind the church in Slade Green Road, Slade Green DA8 2HU. They can also call Mel on 07538 300 768 who will be very happy to help. They have fresh fruit and vegetables and bread each day.
Financially the charity has found this to be demanding and if anyone wanted to support them please speak to Mel who will be happy to talk to you about it.

The latest request is from Bexley Borough:

Good afternoon,

As part of our response to the coronavirus pandemic, we are partnering with Reed recruitment agency to urgently recruit to a number of roles to support Bexley’s care sector and help the most vulnerable in our community.

There are a number of roles available listed on our website<>.

Please share this with your family, friends and anyone you know who may have skills or transferable experience and are available immediately. We will be posting about these roles on our Twitter @LBofBexley and Facebook @LBBexley social media accounts so please share if you can.

These roles will help ensure that Bexley residents receive the support and care that they need either in their homes or in residential care settings. There will be training and support available where appropriate.

Many thanks


The evergreen charity has put the following request out:

Hi all,

To help us get through the next few months, we have opened a GoFundMePage for Evergreen.

Can you please share this with all your contacts and ask them to share with all their contacts also.

We are trying to put together a telephone befriending service to support our older community but need to have all our office staff working to deal with the many issues that will arise.

It is good to see the community coming together and supporting each other. Together, we will get through this. Together we will make a difference.

Please take care and stay safe,

Pete & Diane.


Also looking for help are the food banks:


The Foodbank now more that ever is an important resource for families at this time of lock down. CTiC have recently been able to donate £330 from across the CTiC. This is vital community work we can participate in if we are able. Please see the Foodbank details on the St Paulinus website or get in contact with Marilyn Downes 01322 294569 if you need further information on how to donate.


Check out our separate page for the Food Bank


From Transform Bexley Borough:

Volunteer to help others during the Coronavirus pandemic
The Council and Bexley Voluntary Service Council (BVSC) are working together to support Bexley residents who are able to give their time to support vulnerable people during the Covid-19 pandemic.
If you are a local resident who would like to help, please take a look at Bexley’s Volunteer Hub – BVSC’s volunteering scheme – which will match you with local charities, community groups and local people who need help.

Register at the Volunteer Hub at / 0300 302 0056
No matter what skills you have to offer, where you’re based in Bexley or how much – or little – time you have to spare, if you’ve volunteered before, or even if you have self-isolated, there are charities and community groups who will welcome your help.

“The pandemic is creating extra challenges for many vulnerable people, so I urge anyone who has the time and is able to help to share your details with the Volunteer Hub in ways that suit your own skills and interests” said Council Leader Councillor Teresa O’Neill OBE.

“We are very pleased to be working with BVSC on this scheme, because they are a well-established organisation working closely with Bexley’s fantastic voluntary community groups. They can direct you to the people and places that need your help most.” BVSC will do its best to help local charities and community groups who need extra volunteers. Full details are available at a way of volunteering to help others. If your organisation NEEDS volunteers to continue, please also contact BVSC in this way.

To keep up-to-date if you are online please sign up for the Council’s Bexley Magazine Extra email newsletter. Please share the information you pick up from reliable sources like this with your family, friends and neighbours, and especially with anyone you know who cannot access it.
A Bexley Coronavirus Helpline has now been launched.

From Sophie Leedham, Acting Head of Community Partnerships LB Bexley:
We are also keen to build up our understanding of what community support is already being mobilised locally and how we can help. If you would like to catch up on this, please do get in touch. We are looking to share the wonderful displays of community spirit on our twitter and facebook page @BexleyTogether so please do share with us what is happening near you and find us on there if you haven’t already (also contact at

Other updates:
1. Bexley Foodbank continues to welcome extra volunteers at this time when many regular volunteers are needing to self-isolate (contact the manager Gill Bates at / 07932 431350)

2. Bexley Winter Shelter (BWS) 2020 closed today (a week early) because the Mayor of London has secured temporary accommodation and other support for all the remaining guests as part of a London-wide programme to serve and protect rough sleepers, who are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus and other threats to health. This year in Bexley the BWS managed to secure stable housing for 8 or 9 of the guests, a great outcome. Please consider praying for them.

3. Evergreen Care Bexley: “To help us get through the next few months, we have opened a GoFundMePage for Evergreen. Please can you pass this information on as able? We are trying to put together a telephone befriending service to support our older community but need to have all our office staff working to deal with the many issues that will arise. It is good to see the community coming together and supporting each other. Together, we will get through this. Together we will make a difference.” Pete & Diane Kot

4. The London City Mission event “Evening out with the LCM” on Thurs 28th May at Sidcup Baptist Church has sadly been cancelled. George Hider

5. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has postponed the Graham Tour that was taking place in Autumn 2020. David Linley